Toddler Swimming Lessons: When To Start & What Parents Should Know

Do your little ones seem keen to swim? If yes, this is the sign they are ready to enroll in swimming classes. 

Swimming is an essential skill that is a must for every kid, especially in Singapore, a water-surrounded country. It is essential for water survival as it reduces the risk of drowning and feeling unsafe near or inside the water. 

And that’s why enrolling in toddler swimming lessons in Singapore is necessary for every kid. Most parents worry about the right age and what to look for in swim classes. However, it is never too early or too late to think of signing up for swim lessons for your little ones.

Be stress-free, as we are here to guide you thoroughly about every important fact of the toddler swimming lesson. Let’s go straight into this blog! 

Best Age To Enroll In Swimming Lessons

The best age to learn the basics of swimming is 4 years. By joining the parent and child swim lessons, the toddler can start learning how to get used to being around and in the water. These classes teach you about the importance of water safety skills, helpful for better educating and protecting your little one from any water-related incidents. 

Age 4 and above is best as it’s the time when toddlers can easily grasp swimming techniques like floating and swimming to a respective endpoint. Typically, enrolling in a toddler swimming lesson at this age is an effective way to allow the little ones to get adjusted to the water environment. 

Benefits Of Enrolling Your Toddlers In Swimming Lessons

Have you ever wondered why it is important to learn swimming in Singapore’s swim schools? There are many benefits of professionally organized swim classes and those are:

  • Safety –A toddler swimming lesson is more than fun. During the class, coaches teach how to swim in the water and get out of it without taking the help of ladders.
  • Mental Growth –Swimming is the best low-activity exercise that maintains the effective connection between the body and the mind. It also promotes intelligence and healthy brain development. Furthermore, it gives a boost to every sense.
  • Confidence –During the swim classes, toddlers need to participate in a series of swimming activities. All these activities are designed in a way that each of them can learn at their potential. When they will learn how to effectively and successfully attempt every level, consequently, it will boost their confidence.
  • Social skills – If you want your little ones to grow socially, choose the group swimming classes. This is a great opportunity for little ones to develop social skills by making more friends and learning how to work as a team member.

Ways To Select A Swimming Instructor For Your Toddlers

Always consider the following points when selecting a swimming instructor: 

  • Do check the qualifications and experience of the swimming instructor as it’ll assure that your toddlers will be receiving the right guidance in a safe environment.
  • Learn about the teaching method of the instructors such as engaging and motivating ability. It’s because this can impact how much fun your little ones will get from the swimming lesson, and how excellently they will learn to swim. 
  • Is the swimming instructor able to provide a comforting and safe learning environment for your toddlers? This will ensure your little ones will have a positive experience while learning to swim. Additionally, it will boost their confidence when they feel comfortable and conveniently learn every swimming style. Moreover, a safe environment also matters the most where the coaches will give proper guidance while making the little ones relax inside the water. 


Indeed, swimming is a huge part of day-to-day activities, providing incredible benefits.

So are you willing to enlist your toddler’s name in the toddler swimming lessons? Well, SwimHub gives excellent swimming lessons in Singapore to learn swimming efficiently. We have skillful instructors with years of experience in Singapore, helping to teach the little ones how to swim easily, quickly, and rightly.