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Terms & Conditions

For Kids and Adult Group Swimming Lessons

  • Students are requested to bring their own goggles as no such swimming accessory will be provided by our side.
  • If the students missed a lesson due to bad weather, they will be provided 1 make up class for that. In case additional make up lessons are required, the students need to show a proper medical certificate to clarify the reason for absence. 
  • The classes will remain off on all public holidays, so there will be no swimming lessons on those specific days.

For Kids and Adult Private Swimming Classes

  • If the students cancel the swimming classes at the very last minute, they still need to pay the fees for the session. Although, they won’t be charged if they inform about their unavailability to the instructor well in advance. 
  • The schedule for the swimming lessons can change depending on the instructor’s availability.

Lighting Risk

SwimHub keeps the safety of students and instructors as the top priority and doesn’t provide lessons on days with lightning. We cooperate with the respective pool management authority (condominium, public swimming complex) and don’t offer classes on days the pool is closed due to bad weather.

Refund Policy

Refunds will only be granted only after we confirm that the students have a valid reason. No refunds will be provided after the students attend a lesson. Once you pay the fee via any method, you agree to our refund policy.


SwimHub’s instructors ensure that students remain safe while learning but still if any injury or mishap occurs, we are not responsible for any type of claims by the students. 
Note: SwimHub has all the rights to make changes to the terms and conditions without giving any notice in advance.