Swimming Lesson Programmes for All Ages

There are many different reasons why it’s much more beneficial to be the only one in a class. Our private swimming instructor will come to your private residence or condo wherever you are located around Singapore and provide you and/or your kids with lessons that are fun and educational. Because you’re the only student, they’re able to focus entirely on your progression and won’t be side-tracked with any other individuals, which generally means your skills will improve at a much faster rate than in a group setting.

Singapore’s Favourite Private Instructors Providing Swimming Lessons To All Ages

At SwimHub we are proud to provide our outstanding services for clients aged from toddlers through to adults and all in between:


For ages 2-4. Helps the little ‘uns have an earlier head start in their swimming journey. Taught through fun and games, tools that we firmly believe are the most beneficial when teaching students at such a young age.


For ages 5-14. Our school aims to provide a fun learning experience for children ages 5 to 14 while learning how to swim. For our younger students it typically takes slightly more than a year to be able to swim independently.


For ages 15 and above. It’s never too late to pick up a new life skill or have a desire to improve your life skills such as swimming. Some of the benefits of swimming include stress reduction, muscles’ rehabilitation and increase of muscular flexibility.

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