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Are you looking to introduce your child to a new sport? Are you considering an activity for yourself? Start with swimming – it’s not only a sport but an essential skill for everyone.


At SwimHub, we combine the structured learning of swimming with the fun of being in water. If you’re trying out swimming for the first time or looking for top-quality swimming instruction in Pasir Ris, we have an attractive offer for you.


Try out our unique method with a special introductory lesson designed for beginners.


So, what’s stopping you?


Grab this opportunity and see if swimming is the right choice for you or your child. Book your place today and join the community of swimmers in Pasir Ris!

Your Child's Safety Is Our Priority With Swimhub's Special Safety System

Swimming goes beyond learning fundamental skills like strokes and dives. It’s crucial to be safe and feel secure while in the water.


SwimHub understands the advantages of swimming, including improved physical health and mental wellness.


That’s why our dedicated swimming instructors in Pasir Ris are committed to ensuring that every lesson focuses on technique and safety.


Our instructors are well-trained and keep up-to-date with the latest health guidelines, including those for COVID-19. Their knowledge ensures you enter a safe and caring environment each time you or your child enters the pool.


With us, you’re not just learning to swim; you’re learning to swim with safety and confidence at the forefront.

Types Of Swimming Lessons Offered In Pasir Ris

Children’s Swimming Lessons in Pasir Ris

At SwimHub, each dip in the pool is a stride towards perfecting swimming. Our swimming lessons for kids in Pasir Ris are more than just learning techniques.


Our experienced instructors tailor lessons to each child’s unique experiences, natural talents, and emerging potential.


This guarantees that each session progresses at an appropriate speed – not too slow or too fast, and definitely not too overwhelming.


We firmly believe that a lesson conducted at the right tempo ensures safety and brings enjoyment to the learning process, making every swim session a pleasant experience for your child.

Adult Swimming Lessons In Pasir Ris

Discover the joy of embracing the water, whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your strokes at SwimHub.


We believe in the value of learning at any age. Whether you’re starting anew or conquering past fears, we celebrate each individual’s swimming journey.


Our skilled instructors design sessions tailored to your specific needs and lifestyle, guaranteeing that each lesson is fulfilling and full of energy.


Explore our adult swimming lessons in Pasir Ris, and soon, you’ll navigate the pool with newfound confidence, effortlessly conquering each lap.

Swimming Lessons for Females in Pasir Ris / Ladies Only Swimming Lessons

For women who have always wanted to enjoy the water with the reassurance of a female mentor, SwimHub has what you need.


Join our ladies-only swimming lessons in Pasir Ris, led by certified female swimming instructors, creating an environment where comfort seamlessly combines with competence.


Whether it’s a matter of personal preference or a move towards boosting confidence, our ladies-only sessions are designed with care and expertise.


Bring your friends along and turn your learning journey into a bonding experience with a female-only group class. Come join us, ladies—the water awaits!

Where Are Swimming Lessons Held In Pasir Ris?

SwimHub offers a blend of flexibility and fluidity. In Pasir Ris, where there are different inviting pools, we prioritise comfort and convenience.


That’s why our swimming lesson venues in Pasir Ris are adaptable. Whether you prefer the privacy of hotel pools, the comfort of a condo’s pool or the lively atmosphere of a public swimming complex, we’ve got you covered.


If you have a particular spot in mind that holds special importance to you, feel free to inform us.


We aim to ensure that every lesson is a convenient and enjoyable experience, regardless of the venue.

— Pasir Ris Swimming Complex

Our reliable swimming coaches offer swimming lessons at Pasir Ris Swimming Complex in the form of group classes or private swimming lessons.


Equipped with 1 Competition Pool, 1 Teaching Pool, 2 Slides, 1 Catchment Pool, 1 Fun Pool/ Wading Pool and 1 Jacuzzi, Pasir Ris Swimming Complex is the right venue for swimming lessons.

120 Pasir Ris Central, Singapore 519640


Operating Hours:
Daily — 8:00AM to 9:30AN (closed on Wednesdays except public holidays)


Organised Classes:
Weekday – 12PM to 6PM
Weekend – 9AM to 6PM

Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, our swimming instructors are flexible to fit your schedule. You can coordinate with your instructor to arrange lessons before or after work or school, making it convenient for you.

— Condos And Private Facilities

If crowded public pools don’t suit your comfort level and you have access to a private pool or a condo pool in Pasir Ris, we’re pleased to arrange for our swimming instructors to come to you at your convenience.

Why Should You Choose SwimHub In Pasir Ris

Not sure if swimming is your thing or if our classes are right for you? At SwimHub, we understand your concerns. That’s why we’re offering a trial lesson.


Come and check if you enjoy the sport, if our lessons match your needs, and if our certified instructors are a good match for you.


If it’s not what you expected, no problem, you can easily opt out. No pressure.


We understand life can get busy. Juggling work, family, and everything else can make finding time tricky.


That’s why we prioritise flexibility. Let us know when and where, and we’ll make it work.


Whether it’s early morning or late evening, in a public pool or your private one, we’re ready. With SwimHub, learning to swim fits into your life, not the other way around.

3 Reasons Why SwimHub’s Swimming Lessons Are Selling Fast In Pasir Ris

Embracing A Healthier Lifestyle

The impact of COVID-19 has prompted many of us to reconsider our priorities, leading to a growing interest in maintaining fitness and health. With SwimHub, you can enhance your well-being and add fun to your daily routine.

Drawing Inspiration From Singapore’s Swimming Champions

Our national swimming stars, including Joseph Schooling, Quah Zheng Wen, and Yip Pin Xiu, have ignited a wave of enthusiasm, giving Singapore much to celebrate.

As you or your little one glides through the water, remember that every great swimmer starts with that first kick. Perhaps the next prominent swimming sensation is poised to emerge, and it might be you or your child!

Gateway To Other Aquatic Adventures

For some, the pool serves as more than just a space for laps—it's a springboard into a realm of water sports.

Learning to swim with us opens the door to the confidence needed for activities like kayaking, dragon boating, or other aquatic adventures.

There's a reassuring sense of knowing that your child can navigate the water under your watchful gaze.

Rest Assured, Your Child Won't Swim Solo Until They've Mastered Their Strokes.

When your child joins SwimHub, they will never be left alone in the pool until they’ve mastered their strokes at SwimHub. Our friendly coaches are always present in the pool, guiding them through the motions, stroke by stroke.


If your child has never been in a pool before, there’s no need to worry! Our team is dedicated to patience and care.


With each lesson, your child improves while enjoying a fun time in the water. Take the plunge, and let’s work together to turn those swimming dreams into reality!

Dive Into A World Where Swimming Feels Like Play For Your Child

Your child will breeze through swimming lessons at SwimHub. We’ve mastered the art of blending fun with learning. Imagine our classes as a cool playlist—perfect tempo, rhythm, and flow, tailored for each student.


We ensure students don’t just mechanically go through the motions but genuinely relish every splash and stroke.


Our lessons are thoughtfully designed, considering each swimmer’s capabilities and adding just the right touch of challenge.


While they’re having a blast, they’re also pushing their limits in the best possible way.

Don’t Take Our Word For It, See What People Have To Say About SwimHub

Both our daughters have been learning under Coach Willy since Oct 2021. We see alot of progress ever since. Both girls get along well with Coach Willy and have fun during lessons. While he is fun loving, he doesn’t compromise on the learning progress. Always giving feedback to parents week after week which we truly appreciate. We highly recommend anyone who is looking for a swim coach.

Ellen Ng

Swimhub has affordable rates and flexible arrangements. In less than a year, our child’s water confidence and skills has improved and progressed tremendously under the coaching from Coach Willy. He never fail to crack jokes and win the children’s heart. He always gives feedback on our child’s progress. Looking forward to greater progression in our child through the continuous coaching from Swimhub! 👍🏻
Selina Chan

Classes with Coach Willy have been so worthwhile!

He is very thoughtful and amazing coach who puts a lot of efforts in engaging and was very patient with my daughter – always encouraging her to try.

I would highly recommend him to anyone interested to train with him.

Carinez Lim

Experienced coach and high flexibility. Tremendous improvement seen having my daughter with Coach Willy. My girl managed to swim without float within few lessons with him. Thanks Coach Willy for teaching and being patient with my girl. 😊

Triney De

I learned swimming in my late 30s, a difficult age to acquire new skills, but thanks to coach Willy who was very patient with me at the same time pushed me to learn more !


I strongly recommend coach Willy if anyone wish to learn swimming.

Amol Brahmane
Coach Willy is super nice and patient! He helped me conquer my fear of water and gain confidence! I learned how to do breaststroke within 1 month. Strongly recommend!
Mathilda Sun

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pasir Ris Swimming Lessons​

Absolutely! Our swimming instructors will be there, whether it’s a public pool or a private one, such as those in condos (if you have access). Schedule your first lesson with us today!
Absolutely! Our instructors offer flexible scheduling, ensuring you can arrange lessons anytime between 7 am and 9 pm! This way, you can schedule and reschedule classes without any worry!
The standard duration for a swimming lesson is 45 minutes.
As of today, we adhere to COVID-19 measures, ensuring safety for both you and your child, and the maximum number of students per group is 8. So, if you plan to pick up swimming as a group, do a headcount first!

Yes, our swimming instructors are highly qualified and certified. They hold certifications from reputable organisations, including:

  • Singapore Lifesaving Society Awards (SLSS)
  • Standard First Aid and CPR
  • Coaching Level 1 Technical from SSA/SSC
  • NCAP Level 1 Theory from SSC
  • Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Certifications (SSTA)
  • National Registry of Coaches (NROC)
  • AustSwim Certification