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Female Coach Available Too

Certified Female Swimming Instructors For Kids & Adults

Looking to overcome your fear of swimming, or simply perfect your swimming skills with a female swimming instructor in Singapore? You’ve come to the right place.

At Swimhub, our experienced and certified female swimming coaches can help you pick up swimming as well as improve your existing techniques. Age is no barrier for us, and our classes are suitable for everyone from toddlers to kids and adults (males and females) of all ages.

We even provide a free trial lesson for toddlers (2-4) and kids (5-14)! (Applicable for those residing in condos only)

SwimHub has the same pricing for all toddlers, kids and adults’ swimming lessons – which are very affordable by market standards.

What We Teach

There are 4 main types of strokes, namely Frontcrawl (i.e. freestyle), Breastroke (i.e. frogstyle), Back Stroke and Butterfly. Adults usually need weekly classes for three to four months – to pick up a single swimming stroke.

Who We Teach

We teach beginners and advanced swimmers at all levels.

Certified Female Coaches

We have fully-certified female swimming coaches from the Singapore Sport Council, Swimming Teacher’s Association, and Austswim. Rest assured that all our in-house coaches are highly trained, and set high standards for achievements. They can teach you the latest swimming techniques and also make the coaching session extra fun.

Suitable For Various People

Our female instructors are also trained to conduct swimming sessions for pregnant ladies, and/or those experiencing back pain. Swimming is an excellent activity for those with back issues as the buoyancy of water supports the body’s weight, and reduces stress on the joints and spine.

It’s a known fact that swimming boosts overall health in many ways. Other benefits include stress reduction, muscles’ rehabilitation, increased muscular flexibility and balance, and strengthened heart muscles.


All locations in SingaporeAll 25 public swimming complexes in Singapore


Class sizeFees per month
1 Student to 1 Swimming coach$280 per student
2 Students to 1 Swimming coach$160 per student
3 Students to 1 Swimming Coach$130 per student
4 Students and above to 1 Swimming Coach$120 per student


Class duration & Frequency
Kids / Adults: 45 mins – 60 mins: Once a week, 4 lessons a month
Toddlers: 30 mins – 40 mins: Once a week, 4 lessons a month
Condominium Private and Small Group Classes: 45 mins
Public Swimming Complex Group Classes: 1 hour

Why Choose Us?

At Swimhub, our female swimming coaches help you improve your motor skills’ coordination. What’s more, we also have a segment on video analysis, in order to help mature learners with their awareness and stroke efficiencies.

Count on us to pick up specific swimming strokes or opt for stroke correction lessons – we are completely flexible.

We believe in ‘learning the fun way’, and can refer you or your child to the best swimming instructors in all 25 swimming complexes in Singapore.

If you want to make a booking, please click on the above button to sign up – simply fill in your details and which times/dates you prefer. We’ll call you shortly with a confirmation.

If you have any queries about the types of classes we provide, you’re more than welcome to call us at 9173 0048 to speak with one of our friendly and helpful staff members. Alternatively, you can send us a message online and we’ll get in touch with you ASAP!