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Book Your Trial Class In Bedok (Perfect For Adults And Kids)

Are you considering a fun day at the pool with your children but are concerned they might not be ready to swim confidently?


Let’s change that narrative.


SwimHub provides a trial swimming lesson in Bedok for individuals of all ages and abilities. Whether it’s for your children or yourself, start swimming with our trial class.


Our aim is to introduce you or your children to basic swimming techniques while also helping to increase confidence.


What’s the best thing about it? The entire family can join in the fun! Discover the joy and excitement with our swimming lessons in Bedok!

SwimHub’s Safety System Will Keep Your Kids Safe Throughout The Lesson

Pool safety is our top priority at SwimHub, and we take it very seriously.


Our certified swimming instructors in Bedok are skilled and dedicated to ensuring every session is secure and enjoyable.


Our team also stays informed about the most recent COVID-19 safety measures, ensuring that all activities in any swimming pool in Bedok are carried out with the highest level of caution.


Rest assured, knowing that at SwimHub, safety is more than a requirement; it’s central to each swimming lesson we provide. You or your kids will enjoy swimming with the assurance that you/they are guided by professionals.

Bedok Swimming Lessons Are Open For Everyone (Including You!)

For Your Kids, We Have Kids’ Swimming Lessons In Bedok

At SwimHub, safety is our priority, but it doesn’t stop our swimming lessons from being exceptionally fun!


Our kids swimming lessons in Bedok are the ideal mix of enjoyment and educational content.


Customised to fit every child’s individual pace and style, our teachers make each class engaging, stimulating, and fruitful.


Your kids will be filled with enthusiasm, looking forward to their upcoming aquatic journey.

For You, We Have Swimming Lessons For Adults In Bedok

Think you’ve missed the chance to learn how to swim? It’s never too late.


At SwimHub, we understand that adult swimming lessons need to be adaptable.


Discuss your current swimming abilities and aspirations with our team in Bedok. Whether you’re starting from scratch or aiming to improve your techniques, we will develop a customised lesson plan for you, allowing you to progress comfortably.


Each swim, each move, brings you nearer to your swimming objectives.

For Ladies, We Have Swimming Lessons By Female Instructors In Bedok

For all the women looking for a female-led swimming experience, we understand.


Our certified female swimming instructors provide women-specific swimming lessons centred on creating a comfortable and empowering environment.


Whether you’re enrolling your daughter or gathering friends for a group lesson, SwimHub creates a setting where you can effortlessly and elegantly swim.


So ladies, it’s time to create some ripples together!

Swimming Lesson Venues In Bedok

At SwimHub, we’re all about finding the right swimming environment for you.


Whether you prefer the exclusivity of hotel pools, the familiarity of your condominium pool, or the lively vibe of a public swimming complex in Bedok, we adapt to your choice.


Thinking of a hidden lake for open water swimming lessons? With SwimHub, any place can become your swimming spot!


Select your perfect swimming location and embark on a customised swimming journey with us. No matter your preference, we’re ready to support your plunge!

— Bedok Swimming Complex

Our instructors offer group classes or private swimming lessons at Bedok Swimming Complex (also known as Heartbeat @ Bedok ActiveSG Swimming Complex).


Consisting of 1 Competition pool, 1 Sheltered Training pool, 1 Learner Pool and 1 Interactive Pool, there’s no need to travel far to get swimming lessons if you live in Bedok!

11 Bedok North Street 1, Singapore 469662


Operating Hours:
Tues, Sat, Public Holidays — 8AM to 9:30PM

Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun — 6:30AM to 9:30PM

Thurs — 3PM to 9:45PM

SwimHub recognises the busy lives people lead today. That’s why our dedicated swimming instructors in Bedok provide flexible scheduling options!


You can arrange your swimming lessons at times that suit you best, whether in the morning or evening, ensuring learning to swim fits seamlessly into your schedule.

— Condos And Private Facilities

For added convenience, if you have access to a private pool, like a condo pool in Bedok, and prefer your swimming lessons in a more personal setting rather than a public pool, just inform us.


Our swimming instructors are ready to come to you and conduct your lessons right where you’re most comfortable.

Why Should You Choose SwimHub In Bedok

At SwimHub, we’re dedicated to delivering swimming lessons in Bedok that cater to everyone’s needs, whether you’re an energetic child or a busy adult.


Our goal is to make every stroke meaningful and enjoyable. With SwimHub, you advance at your own comfortable pace.


Curious? Start with our trial swimming lesson in Bedok.


This is an opportunity to experience learning from our certified swimming instructors in Bedok, understand the safety protocols we take pride in, and most importantly, experience the pleasure of swimming (or watch the delight in your child’s eyes).


Consider this trial your no-strings-attached introduction to swimming.


And if you decide we’re not the right fit, you’re free to walk away, no questions asked.


However, with our commitment and the flexibility of scheduling lessons at your preferred swimming pool in Bedok, we believe you’ll be eager to continue your swimming journey with us.

Top 3 Reasons Bedok Residents Are Enrolling In Swimming Lessons

To take advantage of the affordable rates at Heartbeat @ Bedok Swimming Complex, where a swim costs less than $2, even for adults.

The presence of the first Decathlon experience store in Singapore, situated in Viva Business Park in Bedok. This massive store offers affordable sporting goods and has likely encouraged many residents to get active!

The importance of acquiring a vital life skill. Swimming is a great exercise and a crucial skill that can save lives, making it a valuable addition to anyone's skill set.

Our Attentive And Skilled Instructors Stay Actively Involved

At SwimHub, safety and encouragement form the core of every lesson.


Each time students sign up for our swimming lessons in Bedok, it’s more than just swimming; it’s about being part of a space where seasoned professionals guide each movement.


Our instructors are actively involved, not just observing from the side. They participate in the excitement of every swim, ensuring that each technique is mastered.


Their dedication?


To ensure that you’re confident and skilful with every glide or kick. Therefore, each session in the swimming pool in Bedok is not only about learning but flourishing with the dedicated support of our team.

Your Kid’s Step-By-Step Syllabus Will Be Just Right: Not Too Fast, Not Too Slow

At SwimHub, our swimming instructors in Bedok are more than teachers; they are creators of customised learning journeys for each swimmer.


Utilising extensive experience, our certified swimming coaches designs lessons that are just the right mix of challenging and fun. We make sure to strike a balance between keeping lessons engaging and manageable.


Each class is thoughtfully paced to avoid monotony while steering clear of too much pressure.


With us, you don’t have to worry about the lessons being too dull or demanding. Join a SwimHub session and experience the ideal learning speed. Have peace of mind knowing we’ve tailored the rhythm specifically for your child.

Feedback And Reviews From Past Students

Both our daughters have been learning under Coach Willy since Oct 2021. We see alot of progress ever since. Both girls get along well with Coach Willy and have fun during lessons. While he is fun loving, he doesn’t compromise on the learning progress. Always giving feedback to parents week after week which we truly appreciate. We highly recommend anyone who is looking for a swim coach.

Ellen Ng

Swimhub has affordable rates and flexible arrangements. In less than a year, our child’s water confidence and skills has improved and progressed tremendously under the coaching from Coach Willy. He never fail to crack jokes and win the children’s heart. He always gives feedback on our child’s progress. Looking forward to greater progression in our child through the continuous coaching from Swimhub! 👍🏻
Selina Chan

Classes with Coach Willy have been so worthwhile!

He is very thoughtful and amazing coach who puts a lot of efforts in engaging and was very patient with my daughter – always encouraging her to try.

I would highly recommend him to anyone interested to train with him.

Carinez Lim

Experienced coach and high flexibility. Tremendous improvement seen having my daughter with Coach Willy. My girl managed to swim without float within few lessons with him. Thanks Coach Willy for teaching and being patient with my girl. 😊

Triney De

I learned swimming in my late 30s, a difficult age to acquire new skills, but thanks to coach Willy who was very patient with me at the same time pushed me to learn more !


I strongly recommend coach Willy if anyone wish to learn swimming.

Amol Brahmane
Coach Willy is super nice and patient! He helped me conquer my fear of water and gain confidence! I learned how to do breaststroke within 1 month. Strongly recommend!
Mathilda Sun

Limited Slots Available For July 2024

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Book your or your child’s Trial Class if you decide to sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Bedok Swimming Lessons​

Absolutely! Our instructors are flexible and will accommodate your preferred location and schedule for maximum convenience. If you wish to have sessions at your condo pool, simply inform us!
Indeed! Our instructors offer a wide range of available times, allowing you to arrange lessons from the early morning at 7am until the late evening at 9pm!
Each swimming lesson at Bedok typically lasts for 45 minutes.
Currently, the largest group size is limited to 8 students to comply with COVID-19 safety protocols and ensure everyone’s safety. This number may be adjusted in response to any new guidelines issued by the authorities. We will keep you updated with any changes.

Our swimming instructors are highly qualified and certified. They hold certifications from reputable organisations, including:

  • Singapore Lifesaving Society Awards (SLSS)
  • Standard First Aid and CPR
  • Coaching Level 1 Technical from SSA/SSC
  • NCAP Level 1 Theory from SSC
  • Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Certifications (SSTA)
  • National Registry of Coaches (NROC)
  • AustSwim Certification