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Discover the joy and benefits of swimming with SwimHub’s trial lesson at Ang Mo Kio. As a parent, you’re constantly looking for enriching activities for your children and what’s better than learning a vital life skill in a fun, safe environment?


SwimHub conducts swimming lessons catering to all ages, ensuring your little ones develop confidence and proficiency in the water. Don’t miss this opportunity to see how our lessons can make a splash in your child’s life – sign up now and dive into the world of swimming at Ang Mo Kio!

SwimHub’s Safety System Will Keep Your Children Safe Throughout The Lesson

At SwimHub in Ang Mo Kio, your child’s safety is our top priority during every swimming lesson. Our expertly managed safety system, implemented by certified instructors, ensures a secure and enjoyable learning environment for swimmers of all ages and skill levels.


With a focus on vigilance and safety-first techniques, we provide a worry-free experience for parents, allowing your children to confidently and safely master the art of swimming.

Swimming Lessons In Ang Mo Kio Available For Everyone

Swimming Lessons For Kids In Ang Mo Kio

SwimHub is dedicated to offering kids swimming lessons in Ang Mo Kio a fun and enriching experience. Children between the ages of 5 and 14 can embark on a journey to learn a vital life skill, with younger swimmers typically becoming independent in the water in just over a year.


Those aged 7 and above often grasp swimming skills within a year. Our private swimming lessons in Singapore adhere to the renowned Swimming Teacher Association (STA) Learn To Swim Programme or the SwimSafer Programmes, ensuring a structured and effective learning process.

Swimming Lessons For Adults In Ang Mo Kio

Believe it or not, it’s never too late to learn swimming or enhance your skills!


Adult swimming lessons in Ang Mo Kio are not just about learning strokes; they’re about reducing stress, rehabilitating muscles and boosting heart health.


Most adults can master a primary stroke like Front crawl, Breaststroke, Backstroke or Butterfly within three to four months of weekly classes.

SwimHub’s adult swimming lessons in Singapore also feature video analysis segments to aid mature learners in improving their stroke efficiency and coordination.

Female Swimming Instructors In Ang Mo Kio

At SwimHub, we understand learners’ comfort and preference for female instructors. Our certified female coaches, accredited by bodies like the Singapore Sport Council and STA Learn To Swim Programme, are adept at teaching all ages and genders.


They specialise in standard lessons and cater to unique needs like prenatal swimming or back pain relief. Swimming’s numerous health benefits, including stress reduction and muscle strengthening, are a core part of our female instructors’ teaching approach.

Swimming Lesson Venues In Ang Mo Kio

Residents near Ang Mo Kio can enjoy the convenience of local facilities like the Ang Mo Kio ActiveSG Swimming Complex, known for its excellent pools and amenities. Our instructors are familiar with this venue, providing lessons that cater to various skill levels and age groups.


You may sign up for group or private 1-to-1 classes at Ang Mo Kio ActiveSG Swimming Complex.

— Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex

1771 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 569978


Operating Hours:
Mon To Fri – 6:30AM to 9:30PM


Organised Classes:
Weekday – 12PM to 6PM
Weekend – 9AM to 6PM

Our instructors, with flexible timing, will be able to cater to your convenience, whether daytime or nighttime.

— Condos And Private Facilities

If the Ang Mo Kio ActiveSG Swimming Complex doesn’t suit your needs, our instructors are also available for private or condo pool sessions, bringing the SwimHub experience right to your doorstep.

Why Should You Choose SwimHub’s Swimming Lessons In Ang Mo Kio

At SwimHub in Ang Mo Kio, we’re all about offering swimming lessons that cater to every individual, no matter their age or level of expertise.


What sets us apart is our commitment to making swimming accessible and enjoyable for all. With flexible scheduling, we accommodate the busiest lifestyles, ensuring that your swimming lessons fit seamlessly into your family’s routine.


Think of this trial as a no-obligation introduction to the world of swimming with SwimHub. If you feel we’re not the right fit for any reason, you’re free to make that call, no hard feelings.


But given our dedication, the convenience of choosing your preferred swimming pool in Ang Mo Kio and the flexibility of scheduling lessons, we have a feeling you’ll want to continue your or your child’s swimming journey with us.

Skilled Swimming Instructors at SwimHub

Our Skilled Swimming Instructors In Ang Mo Kio Are Actively Engaged And Ensure Your Safety

In every swimming lesson at Ang Mo Kio, SwimHub’s instructors remain in the pool, ensuring the safety and confidence of each swimmer, regardless of their skill level.


Our approach to conducting swimming classes, whether group lessons or private sessions, focuses on vigilance and hands-on guidance. This ensures that children and adults alike learn to swim effectively and safely in the swimming pools of Singapore.


With SwimHub, you can trust that our managed classes are not just about teaching swimming skills but also about creating a secure and supportive learning environment.

SwimHub’s Perfect Pace for Progress: A Step-by-Step Syllabus To Make Learning Manageable

SwimHub’s step-by-step syllabus for swimming lessons in Ang Mo Kio is crafted to make learning to swim a manageable and enjoyable experience for all ages.


We’ve broken down the complex swimming skills into digestible, progressive stages, ensuring each child or adult can build confidence and proficiency at their own pace.


Our swimming classes, whether group sessions or individual lessons, follow this structured approach, allowing swimmers of various skill levels to excel in the pool. With SwimHub’s carefully designed syllabus, learning to swim in Singapore’s pools becomes a seamless journey of skilful progression and fun.

Kids’ Swimming Lessons

Here's What Our Past Students Have To Say About Us!

Both our daughters have been learning under Coach Willy since Oct 2021. We see alot of progress ever since. Both girls get along well with Coach Willy and have fun during lessons. While he is fun loving, he doesn’t compromise on the learning progress. Always giving feedback to parents week after week which we truly appreciate. We highly recommend anyone who is looking for a swim coach.

Ellen Ng

Swimhub has affordable rates and flexible arrangements. In less than a year, our child’s water confidence and skills has improved and progressed tremendously under the coaching from Coach Willy. He never fail to crack jokes and win the children’s heart. He always gives feedback on our child’s progress. Looking forward to greater progression in our child through the continuous coaching from Swimhub! 👍🏻
Selina Chan

Classes with Coach Willy have been so worthwhile!

He is very thoughtful and amazing coach who puts a lot of efforts in engaging and was very patient with my daughter – always encouraging her to try.

I would highly recommend him to anyone interested to train with him.

Carinez Lim

Experienced coach and high flexibility. Tremendous improvement seen having my daughter with Coach Willy. My girl managed to swim without float within few lessons with him. Thanks Coach Willy for teaching and being patient with my girl. 😊

Triney De

I learned swimming in my late 30s, a difficult age to acquire new skills, but thanks to coach Willy who was very patient with me at the same time pushed me to learn more !


I strongly recommend coach Willy if anyone wish to learn swimming.

Amol Brahmane
Coach Willy is super nice and patient! He helped me conquer my fear of water and gain confidence! I learned how to do breaststroke within 1 month. Strongly recommend!
Mathilda Sun

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Ang Mo Kio Swimming Lessons​

Yes, we provide all the necessary equipment for our swimming lessons. This includes training aids and safety gear. However, we recommend that our students bring their own swimwear, goggles and caps for personal hygiene and comfort.

Yes! We offer specialised classes focused on stroke refinement and advanced techniques. These classes are perfect for swimmers who have mastered the basics and want to improve their technique, speed and overall efficiency in the water.
Our instructors are thoroughly trained in emergency response and first aid, including CPR and lifesaving techniques. They undergo regular training updates to ensure they are equipped to handle any emergencies that may arise in the pool, prioritising the safety of all our swimmers.
Yes, we do offer parent-child swimming classes. These classes are a great way for parents and children to bond while learning to swim together. They’re designed to be fun, engaging and suitable for young children.
Yes, we can customise lessons for advanced swimmers. Our instructors are skilled in catering to the specific needs and goals of advanced swimmers, whether it’s for competitive swimming, specific stroke improvement or endurance training.
Our instructors are experienced in working with children who have a fear of water. They use gentle, patient and encouraging methods to help these children become comfortable and confident in the water, gradually building their skills at a pace that suits them.
If you miss a swimming lesson, we offer a make-up policy. You can reschedule your missed lesson, subject to availability. However, we encourage consistent attendance to ensure steady progress in learning.