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You’re Never Too Old To Take Adult Swimming Lessons In Singapore

It’s never too late to pick up a new life skill or have a desire to improve your life skills. Right now you’re probably disheartened after taking bad swimming lessons in the past, taught by poor coaches.


You might have even questioned your confidence and ability to learn swimming. Your peers might have even judged you for learning at this age. But you know what? We commend you. At SwimHub, we give you exactly what you need from adult swimming lessons in Singapore.


Having us as your adult swimming instructors exposes you to a whole new world of learning swimming — free from peer judgement, and access to complete support and unwavering encouragement.


In every session our coaches scream from the top of their lungs “You can do it!” as you press on with your newly-learned swimming techniques.


There is no deadline to learn swimming.

Experience the benefits of this low-impact physical sport and the wonders it can do for your physical and mental health.


Duration Of Our Swimming Lessons In Singapore:

  • Condominium Small and Private Swimming Lessons Group Classes: 45 mins
  • Public Swimming Complex Swimming Lessons Group Classes: 45 mins

We Guarantee Maximum Safety When You Take Up Our Swimming Lessons For Adults In Singapore

There is only one single big fear that deters you from taking up our adult swimming lessons in Singapore — fear of the water. You probably have a lot of questions in your mind, like “What if I drown?” “What if the instructor isn’t certified to perform safety techniques?”


We hear you.


But we’re telling you right now there’s no need to be afraid. Our adult swimming instructors in Singapore are equipped with the necessary skills and certification to ensure your maximum safety in the water.


You’ll have peace of mind knowing there’s someone to guide you. The best part? We will literally not leave the swimming pool until you master our swimming lessons for adults in Singapore.

Solo and Group Swimming Lessons For Adults And Other Age Groups

Our offerings stretch across all age groups, so if you’ve been trying to find a school that can also provide you or your childrenr children with such a valuable life skill, you’ve found it right here at SwimHub.


In fact, we even have a Swimming Lessons For Toddlers (2-4) and Kids (5-14), provided we come to your condo to instruct.

Why 90%+ Singaporeans Prefer Our Adult Swimming Lessons In Singapore Over Other Swim Schools

Our Class Sizes Are Small So You Can Get Personalised Learning And Instruction

At SwimHub, we believe in keeping classes sizes small, especially when it comes to adult swimming. This allows our experienced coaches to tailor swimming lesson plans according to your skill level and comfort.

We address unique learning styles and progress rates so you build water confidence efficiently and effectively.

Punctual Swimming Instructors To Ensure You Get The Most Out Of Each Session

As someone whose schedule is always packed, your time is valuable. We recognise this at SwimHub which is why our adult swimming instructors ensures every lesson with them starts and ends on time.

Flexible Scheduling: Learn How To Swim At Your Own Terms

Unlike other swim schools with a fixed schedule, we give you free flexibility to choose when and where you want to learn swimming.

We can accommodate your preferred timings, whether it’s early morning or late evening, weekdays or weekends. Learn swimming without the stress.

Patient Adult Swimming Instructors In Singapore Who Can Teach From A Beginner Level

We can teach adults starting from the beginner level. We offer a wealth of understanding and knowledge when it comes to adult learning processes, water confidence and the nuances of teaching various swim styles.

Improve Your Swimming Skills In As Fast As 3 Months Or Less

Our adult swimming programme is designed to accelerate your learning curve without compromising on the quality of the instruction.

From basic swimming styles to more advanced techniques, our experienced adult swimming coaches guide you through each stage with precision and care.

Limited Slots Available For July 2024

Sign Up For Our Adult Swimming Lessons In Singapore And Get A Free Pair Of Swimming Goggles (Worth $57)

If you’d like to get on board and make a booking, please fill out the details in the form below and which times/dates you’d prefer to hold them on and we’ll call shortly after with a confirmation.


For any queries that you may have in regards to the adult swimming lessons in Singapore we can provide, you’re more than welcome to call us at 9395 6454 to speak with one of our friendly and helpful staff members. Otherwise, simply send us a Message Online and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Adult Swimming Lessons In Singapore

We provide families all over Singapore with a fun and friendly way to learn various swimming strokes, taught by a professional and qualified private swimming instructor in the comfort of their own condo, private residence or public swimming complexes.
Of course! SwimHub can offer private adult lessons either in your private residence or in a condo swimming pool.
Approximately, it takes 45 to 60 minutes.
Approaching us is very simple! You can either book online by filling out the form above or call us on 9395 6454. Assuredly, the best plan for swimming learning will be given to you.
We decide the cost according to the number and type of lessons you choose. For further queries, approach us!
Carry the right swimwear and goggles only!
SwimHub can arrange swim classes according to your preferred time. We do consider your need and the learning capacity to give the best possible classes. We inform all of our customers in advance so that they can prepare themselves properly.