Best Private Swimming Lessons In Singapore From Certified Swim Instructors

Leading Private Swimming Lessons / Classes In Singapore – To Learn & Stay Safe

When you consider how quickly it can take for someone without the skills to keep their head above water to drown, it really drives home how important it is to know the right swimming techniques to stay safe. Whether you’re here for your children or yourself, it is important to take private swimming lessons in Singapore from a reputable swim school, helmed by a team of experienced coaches.

This way, you actively ensure you’re in the best hands. And at SwimHub, that’s exactly who we are. We offer private swimming classes in Singapore for ALL AGES and SKILL LEVELS.

No matter which pool you choose, be it in a condo/private pool or public swimming complex, you can easily take our private swimming lessons.

Why We Are The Preferred Swim School By Over 93% Of Singaporeans For Private Swimming Lessons In Singapore

SwimHub Swimming School specialises in providing private lessons and small group classes at swimming pools in all Condos, private houses, and swimming complexes in Singapore.

We believe in developing motor skills through “learning the fun way“, and realise the sheer importance of knowing just what to do if you or your kids fall into the pool accidentally. Start learning this important skill under the guidance of an experienced swimming coach in Singapore at SwimHub.

Here's What You Can Expect

You Will Eliminate The Fear Of Drowning When You Learn With Our Certified Private Swimming Lesson Coaches In Singapore

Learn swimming skills with our certified swimming instructors and conquer your fear of water. In just three months, our tailored teaching methodology ensures you gain water confidence.

Our experienced instructors focus on individual strengths, guiding you through various swimming strokes in a safe environment. Embrace water safety knowledge as part of your swimming journey

Become Confident In The Water In As Little As 3 Months

Our swim classes are designed to build your confidence in water. With our professional coaches, mastering swimming techniques becomes an enjoyable experience.

We prioritise a safe environment, ensuring each learner develops water confidence at their own pace. Let us guide you in achieving your swimming goals while enjoying the health benefits of swimming.

We Ensure Small Class Sizes So You Get Tailored Private Swimming Classes

Our private swimming lessons in Singapore offer a personalised approach to teaching swimming. With small class sizes, our experienced instructors ensure individual attention, focusing on your unique swimming journey.

Whether it's perfecting swimming strokes or gaining water safety knowledge, our bespoke private swimming classes in Singapore tailor to your needs.

Take Private Classes In Your Home/Condo Swimming Pool

Whether you want to learn swimming at the comforts of your condominium or home, we conveniently bring the lessons to you.

Our professional coaches are trained to instruct private swimming lessons at any private swimming pool in Singapore. This personalised setting ensures a focused teaching methodology — so you learn swimming techniques efficiently and in familiar surroundings.

Get Regular Progress Updates When You Sign Up Your Child For Our Private Swimming Lessons In Singapore

Worried your child is not progressing with our private swimming lessons? Fear not because we provide regular progress updates when you need them.

Choose your preferred mode of communication with our swimming instructors in Singapore. Track and communicate your child’s development easily so you know whether or not to continue with us.

View All Our Private Swimming Lessons In Singapore [Open To Everyone]

Toddler Swimming Lessons

For ages 2-4.

Private Toddler Swimming Lessons

SwimHub’s private toddler swimming lessons help toddlers have an earlier head start in their swimming journey. Our lessons are taught through fun and games, which we always believe is the best way to learn.

Kids’ Swimming Lessons
For ages 5-14.

Private Kids' Swimming Lessons

SwimHub Swimming School in Singapore aims to provide a fun learning experience for children ages 5 to 14 while they pick up swimming. For our younger swimmers it typically takes slightly more than a year to be able to swim independently, but with our kids’ swimming lessons in Singapore, it’s entirely possible to fast-track their learning.

Adult Swimming Lessons Singapore
For ages 15 and above.

Private Adult Swimming Lessons

For ages 15 and above. It’s never too late to pick up a new life skill or have a desire to improve your life skills such as swimming. Some of the benefits of swimming include stress reduction, muscles’ rehabilitation and increase of muscular flexibility.

Our Private Swimming Instructors In Singapore Hold Over 7+ Certifications

We assign you some of the best certified swimming instructors in Singapore. Our swimming coaches registered with us are fully qualified and experienced and hold the following certifications:


  • Singapore Lifesaving Society Awards (SLSS)
  • Standard First Aid and CPR
  • Coaching Level 1 Technical (SSA/SSC)
    NCAP level 1 Theory (SSC)
  • Singapore Swimming Teachers’ Certifications (SSTA)
  • National Registry of Coaches (NROC)
  • AustSwim
  • In-house trained swimming coaches

Take Private And Small Group Lessons In Singapore At Affordable Prices

The main focus here at SwimHub is to provide families with an opportunity to learn swimming in Singapore in a fun and friendly way. Our professional and qualified private swimming instructors can teach you various swimming strokes, in the comfort of your own condo or private residence. Or you can have group swimming lessons at a public swimming complex.

Limited Slots Available For July 2024

Book Your First Private Swimming Lesson With SwimHub. Get A FREE Pair Of Swimming Goggles (Worth $57) When You Sign Up Today!

If you’re interested in making a reservation for our private classes, be sure to get in touch with us ASAP – as our schedules fill up very quickly. Call 9395 6454 or fill out the form below to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions About SwimHub’s Private Swimming Lessons/Classes In Singapore

You can start sending your child to swimming lessons from age 2 onwards to help them get an early head start and confidence in swimming.
We provide families all over Singapore with a fun and friendly way to learn various swimming strokes, taught by a professional and qualified private swimming instructor in the comfort of their own condo, private residence or public pools.
Of course! SwimHub can offer private swimming lessons either in your private residence or in a condo pool.
There is no specific time period. When the kids understand the swimming skills, they should get exposed to advanced swimming lessons as well. The reason is simple- it is helpful for fitness and health. Later on, they will keep a tab on various strokes and other life-saving techniques.
Approximately, it takes 45 to 60 minutes.

Approaching us is very simple! You can either book online by filling out the form above or call us on 9395 6454.  Assuredly, the best plan for swimming learning will be given to you.

All it depends on the age and the confidence level child has. Parent’s presence is highly recommended for kids below age three.
We decide the cost according to the number and type of lessons you choose. For further queries, approach us!
Carry the right swimwear and goggles only!
SwimHub can arrange swim classes according to your preferred time. We do consider your need and the learning capacity to give the best possible classes. We inform all of our customers in advance so that they can prepare themselves properly.
Indeed! All of the professional coaches here at SwimHub have the skills to train the kids with special needs. There is a private pool to give a comfortable and safe environment to learn swimming.