Toddler Swimming Lessons

Toddler Swimming Lessons (Ages 2 to 4)

Making sure your little ones have the best opportunities in their lives is very important, no matter what’s being referred to. If you’d like to kick-start your child’s abilities in the pool, a great way to do so is by introducing them to water early on in their life.

SwimHub’s toddler swimming lessons helps toddlers have an earlier head start in their swimming journey. At such a young age there’s no point approaching these classes as we would with adults, and as such they are taught through various types of games and by having fun, which is something that we strongly believe really boosts the way they learn. As children of this age usually have shorter attention span, our classes are only 30 minutes. Lessons are conducted on one-to-one basis or in small group classes, never with any more than four students.

Duration: 30mins

Location: Condo and private housing pools

Providing swimming lessons for toddlers and people of every age

We know that it’s not just toddlers that are in need of some professional swimming guidance from qualified and experienced instructors – that’s precisely why we’ve made sure to cater for people of all ages! So whether you’re searching for somewhere reputable that offers classes for kids 5-14 years of age or adults aged 15 and over, SwimHub is here to provide you with exactly that.

We will gladly come to your private home or condo in Singapore and conduct private lessons for each of your family members, and are currently offering a free trial lesson for kids and toddlers when classes are held at your condo!

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Learning Objectives

Water confidenceLeg kicking
Water safetyHand action
Water submersionHand-leg Coordination
FloatingWater propulsion
Breath control

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